Physical & mental tools

We provide the physical and mental tools needed to play a vital role in your survival.

#1 in Firearms

Our instructors includes current operators in law enforcement.

Armed & Unarmed Skills

Learn training concepts that will prepare you for the real-world scenarios.

Welcome to Shield Dynamics Training

Through scenario-based training and sound tactical doctrine, we help anyone taking any of our courses to understand not just HOW but WHY and WHEN to use certain skill sets to make appropriate life-and-death decisions in aggressive and ever changing environments.

What are you waiting for?

All training and principles are useless without COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE.

Shield Dynamics instructors teach courses based on sound principles, tactics, and real-world experience. This way of teaching promotes the thought processes behind the tactics as well as the techniques themselves. By teaching these principles and tactics in this manner, we promote one of the most important skills necessary to become better and succeed in your mission- the ability to THINK.

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